Only let people add rows in Sharepoint list without viewing the existing rows

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In my Sharepoint list I would like to change the permission so that the members can only add new rows without seeing the existing rows. Has somebody any idea how to do this?

Thank you in advance


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SharePoint default permissions does not work like that.


You need Contribute or higher (Edit/Full control, etc.) permissions to create new items in the list AND with contribute permissions to SharePoint list, you can see the existing list items by default (as Contribute is higher permissions than Read). Check: SharePoint user permissions and permission levels  


Instead, you can create a Power Apps for UI and add records in SharePoint list. Then hide the SharePoint list from UI using PowerShell - this works with user permissions on the list.


Or create a Power Apps and add records in SharePoint list using admin user credentials.

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@louisquinetI have this same issue today,

What you would have to do is, go to the lists thats supposed to be receiving users response/request and set the list permissions.

So top right settings - List settings - Advanced settings, from here you should be able to set what users see and how they see it.

Let me know if this helps.