OneNote and Sharepoint - Pinning Sharepoint notebooks

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Does anyone know how to 'Pin' a OneNote Notebook that is stored in Sharepoint?  I can open/edit/save a notebook stored on Sharepoint.  What I can't figure out how to do is Pin it so I can easily access it again without having to always open it through the Sharepoint website.  (Pinning works fine on locally and network drive stored notebooks, my only problem is with Sharepoint notebooks).

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Hi, could you add a Quick Link web part for the OneNote page, or maybe add it as a shortcut in your top navigation?


Also, check out this page which may give you some options -



Thank you for the reply!  My goal is not to have any browser interaction for accessing the shared OneNote notebook.


I believe the quick link web part is making a shortcut in the browser inside of Sharepoint - correct?  Same thing with the link, it sends alerts about changes to the Notebook, you still have to go to a website or type in a direct http address to get to the shared notebook.


Other shared notebooks (like ones stored on a network drive) you can pin directly in OneNote so you can access it without navigating to the network drive first.  I'm trying to do a simular action, but now with notebooks stored on SharePoint.