OneDrive for Business files auto delete

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Any one have seen a scenario where files is getting deleted automatically from a Group Site. Audit logs says it is from OneDrive sync engine.

We have experienced this issue multiple time with the same audit logs

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You sure people aren't syncing the files on that group site and deleting the files thinking they are stopping the sync? I've seen that happen often, where you have to go in and stop sync, but they go in and just delete the whole folder instead, which could just be a single sub folder in your group that they happen to sync.

@Chris Webb Yes people claims they are not deleting the files manually. Also most of the operations takes place when they are not using it.


@Saurabh Sachan - Yes, we have had this issue too, and the users swear they haven't done it. Further, the timestamp for deletion is about 2am in the morn when they would be asleep.


Is this still an issue for you? Any findings on this? MS haven't been able to help much, and this article gives a few suggestions - but it is a tough one to troubleshoot.