OneDrive folder sharing not working

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I have one user that when sent a link to access a file from another person receives "This link is not available to you." after clicking the shared folder link. They never receive a prompt to "request access". I tested with that same person a file from my OneDrive and they do receive the "access request" prompt and I approved followed by them being able to access the file.


I am not sure why they do not receive that same request from another user? 






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TO confirm, someone shared a link to you, and then you gave this link to someone else, and that other user is getting "This link is not available to you"?

That is what you said, but is that correct? If that is correct, then the error is correct. The link was shared to and not to who you are giving it. Have the owner of the file/folder send that 3rd person a link to the item. 

@David_Petree sorry may not have explained well.


User 1 shared a link to User 2 but when user2 clicks it an error appears "this link is not available to you"
User 1 shared same link to me and I get prompted to request access and then when user1 approves I can access the file.


When I share a file with user2 the normal process happens and user2 can access it.


Not sure why User2 does not even get prompted to request permission when user1 shares a file with them.