OneDrive files and Issue Tracking

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I created a ticketing system where a User who submits a ticket through a MS Forms template, then has that ticket sent through a Flow via Power Automate which sends that data to an Issue Tracking list and then two emails, one to IT and another to the User verifying that their ticket has been received.


My issue is when files (Word, PDF, Image) are attached to the Submission form, it sends them to a OneDrive folder under the name "Submit a Ticket > Question". The attachments are in the Questions folder. The problem is there is no association with the uploaded files and the actual ticket in the Issue Tracker. If multiple Users submit tickets with attachments, there is no way to tell what attachment goes with what issue, since they are all in the same folder "Questions".


I would love to have the attachment sent with the ticket to the Issue Tracker, or at least create some way to assign attachments to the issue they are submitted with.


Thank you Much 

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