OneDrive File Sharing - Access Denied

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My company has SharePoint and employees have our OneDrives connected to it. Whenever I go to share OneDrive links through Microsoft Outlook (I use the web browser version in Google Chrome rather than the desktop app) no matter what I do, 9 times out of 10 I get a response that the person I shared with gets an access denied message.


I've tried the following:

Copy Link (anyone with the link can view, anyone with the link can edit, people in ::company name:: with the link)

Enter a name or email (usually sharing within my company so same email domain)

Upload and share option directly in Outlook email. 

I've never had this issue in the past using OneDrive personal prior to arriving to this company -- could it be something with our IT setup or network? I'm at a loss and it's embarrassing having this issue over and over with my colleagues. 

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