One Library stuck in classic view!

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Hi guys, I'm very new here!!! I'm hoping someone could help me with a rather strange issue where only one document library is stuck in Classic view, for a few users. It's SharePoint Online document library where they have a link from our intranet to the Allitems.aspx view.

None of the browsers load the splnu cookie so we can't remove to get back to modern view, GoToModern(); errors out and I'm a little stumped! 

If I use the users in question browsers, it happens only in one library. If I log in as me / test user on the same machine then it all works fine. I can't see any policies that affect cookies. There are two people that have the same issue. I've selected the New Experience on the library as well, and still no luck. The only other way I can think to resolve is to show the left-hand navigation in Classic Mode, but I'm unsure how to apply it.

Really not sure how to resolve this! Any help greatly appreciated! 


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@pinkstig do you know if you got this resolved?
I too have this issue in SharePoint Online.

I have a Document Library in Advanced Settings I have set the List experience to New experience.





I even tried to create a new view "Modern" and it still uses the OLD view.

I am still having this issue, is anyone else?

@Matthew Carter Are you using any classic experience column in this library like Location column or any custom JavaScript injected on the list view page in classic experience mode?

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