On Site Contents page, top navigation menu looks truncated and buttons are also not visible

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We are facing an issue on a SharePoint Online Communication site where we don't see the top navigation menu entirely, on "Site Contents" page. Also, the buttons on right hand-side in the row below the top navigation menu are not visible.


Here is what we did:

- Created a new out of the box Communication site

- Removed existing out of the box top navigation menu items

- Added around 13 sample top navigation menu items

- Navigated to gear icon and 'Site Contents'

- Observed the top navigation menu


On home page, four top navigation menu items are visible with three dots (...) as menu items are more. This is correct behavior. However, on "Site Contents" page, we don't see the top navigation menu entirely. It looks to be truncated. Also, the buttons on this page like Site usage, Site Workflows, Site Settings and Recycle Bin are not visible at all. Also, horizontal and vertical scrollbars don't appear to scroll through.




More details:

Site: Communication site

Users impacted: Owners and Members. This is not reproduced for Read only users.

Machine's resolution: 1366 X 768.

Reproduced on all modern browsers: E.g. Chrome, FireFox, Edge, etc.

Browser zoom is 100%. Note: On 50% browser zoom, entire menu is visible without three dots and other buttons are also visible:




Is anyone facing such issue? If so, do we have any fix for this? Any help will be appreciated.



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