On page Anchors/bookmarks issue found


On page anchors/bookmarks just hit my tenant.  It's a great feature that our users have been waiting for and it looks to work pretty well.  One issue I did notice today is that you currently cannot add one of these anchor links to the site or hub navigation.  When you save the link it removes the anchor section from the link.  so if the link was https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/sitename#anchorname after saving it will just keep https://tenant.sharepoint.com/sites/sitename. 


I'm hoping this is something that will get fixed as it will be a shame if you cannot use these links in the navigation menu.

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@Rick DeFoe +1 on this.... we were looking to use the anchor links in the site navigation to make it easier for the users to find the relevant sections (especially since there is no ToC web part..... ahem ;) )


Would be interesting to hear if there's any plan for letting the anchors survive when saving the links in the menu.

As a workaround, you could perhaps create a bit.ly (or similar) short link to the anchor link, then use the short link in the navigation.

I've the same problem @Rick DeFoe . My organization were use wikipedia system to organize pages. We're migrating to sharepoint but we need use anchors to create summary to fast navigation (yes, I know about ctrl+F).

Passed two months, Did you resolve this issue?

Same problem here, following the issue.

hello @Helena_Starenby 

Today, I made a call to Microsoft's support about this issue.
About 10 minutes later a specialist contacted me.
He asked me to show the screen to him, and when I went to show it ..... was working. <o/
That is, in my case, as I am a tenant, in my ticket they've already enabled the feature.


Here's the tip. Call then.


@EmersonOliveira I can confirm that this is rolled out on our tenant as well (deployed in EU/Ireland). Tried entering some anchor links, and they are preserved. And work :happyface:

Thanks for the tip!

@Rob Ellis  that was a good tip, unfortunately it didn't work. I guess bit.ly can't be used in internal sites such as intranets.  

@Rick DeFoe  +1 on that one. It's a mystery that you can't use anchors everywhere within Sharepoint. Anchors has been around since the beginning of HTML and is a fundamental feature that just should work. It's a a hygiene factor. 

Does anyone know if MS is going to roll out anchor support in navigation such as in the mega-menu? 

Hi @EmersonOliveira 

As a target user I've had anchors/bookmarks for a while.  They finally became available to my standard release user as of last week and were working fine yesterday. 

However today, they don't work unless I refresh the page.  I think I've got a number of other flaky things happening in my tenant such as publish button disappearing unless I refresh the page.

I'd be interested to know if  you or others in the community are also experiencing similar issues with bookmarks - that is that they are a bit unreliable, sometimes they work sometimes they don't.  I reckon this is what happened to you on that day you spoke to a Microsoft specialist. 

Like most folk, I'm working on a project where their use is critical so I need them to work reliably... now.

I am having the same issue. Hugely frustrating.

Did anyone find a solution (other than call Microsoft)?

Still not working for me either @JamesEkers and @Rick DeFoe 

Is anyone else still not seeing this feature in their tenant? I thought this was rolled out months ago, but we still don't have it.
Same issue here.

@AGoneau We do not have it yet, either. It would be nice!