Older version opened while OneDrive not in sync

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Hello all,

I am not sure if the issue is related to SharePoint or OneDrive issue.


We have OneDrive installed on a user's computer. The user is accessing the library content via OneDrive and the "Add Shortcut to OneDrive" link. The whole structure is downloaded under user's OneDrive without actually downloading the files. When a file is accessed then it is downloaded to the filesystem.


The problem is that sometimes when the user opens a file directly from the web UI of SharePoint, the file shows older data from a previous version. What is really strange is that the history shown in the right pane of the Excel file shows the latest information but the data actually are from older version.

At the same time for some reason the local version in OneDrive of the document shows an older version.


If I quit OneDrive and re-open the file it opens the correct latest version.

It seems that while clicking on the document via SharePoint it triggers OneDrive to open the local version which is outdated and not the one from SharePoint.


Restarting OneDrive agent resolves the issues since it gets all recent changes to local hdd in OneDrive.



Ant ideas if it is configurable to open always from SharePoint no matter if OneDrive is running or not ?

Has anyone faced 

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