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Hi all, 


I am working through an issue for someone in my org right now. We used to have an old employee with the email email address removed for privacy reasons. They left the company and it was deleted out of Azure. A new employee came on with the same first name and email address removed for privacy reasons was recreated for them. The old employee was Jim Bob and the new employee is Jim Tom. In noreply@SharePointonline emails, the old employees full name pops in when a document is requested. I have searched everywhere in our tenant finding no data to reflect this, only the current employees accurate info associated with this email. Any suggestions?


Thank you!


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Hi @Richie26 

I have the same exact problem.

Have you figured out a solution yet?

@Richie26 You reported an issue where email address removed for privacy reasons emails are displaying the name of a former employee, Jim Bob, instead of the new employee, Jim Tom, who has been assigned the same email address after the previous account was deleted from Azure AD. This behavior suggests that stale or cached user data is still present within SharePoint Online's user profile service, despite the user account being removed.


To resolve this, I will first verify if the old employee's user profile still exists in the SharePoint Online User Profile Service accessed through the Admin Center. If found, I will proceed to delete this stale user profile, forcing SharePoint Online to retrieve the updated user information from Azure AD for the new employee account. Subsequently, I will restart the User Profile Synchronization service to ensure the latest data is pulled from Azure AD. Furthermore, I will conduct a thorough check of any SharePoint groups or permissions where the old employee's account may still be listed, and promptly remove those associations, granting appropriate access to the new employee's account instead. Additionally, I will explore clearing the SharePoint Online cache to eliminate any lingering cached data issues that may be contributing to this problem.


If these steps do not resolve the issue, I will escalate the case to Microsoft Support, providing them with detailed information about the actions taken and any relevant error messages or logs. Their expertise and additional tools may be required to fully resolve scenarios where stale user data persists in SharePoint Online's user profile service. Throughout this process, I will remain vigilant and address any other areas within SharePoint Online where the old employee's information may be incorrectly displayed, such as document metadata or version histories. Resolving the underlying issue with the user profile service should help ensure accurate user information is displayed across the entire SharePoint Online environment.


Rest assured, I will work diligently to resolve this issue and keep you informed of the progress and any additional steps or recommendations from Microsoft Support, if required. Maintaining data integrity and accurate user information is crucial for a seamless SharePoint Online experience.