Office Online Server Online Viewers rendering stale cached version of file

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I am running into an issue when using Online Viewers to view files on a file share.


I can open/view the file using Online Viewer, but if the file is then edited the next time the file is opened in Online Viewer it renders a cached copy instead of the recently edited version.


Stopping OOS and deleting contents of C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\OfficeWebApps\Working\waccache and starting OOS will get OOS to render a fresh version of the file.


Microsoft Professional Support (Convergys) has replicated this behavior in a lab but won't escalate the case or submit a bugfix since I don't have a  Premier Support agreement.


If anyone from the Office Online team reads this can you look into this issue or suggest a workaround?


OOS logs show this on initial opening of the file:


w3wp.exe#OpenFromUrlWeb (0x5B54) 0x600C Hosted Office Online Open From Url i4tj Medium Could not find file in cache [\\FILESERVER\SHARE\DWITHDRAWN]: [Disk Cache File Not Found] ab554fc4-ca43-4ef8-a09a-bbb67375e226


Then this message when a cached copy is rendered even though the file has been modified on the file server.


w3wp.exe#OpenFromUrlHost (0x27DC) 0x59DC Hosted Office Online Open From Url ah8u8 Medium AFileFetcher: Found cached WebFileInfo in memory. Initial Url [\\FILESERVER\SHARE\DWITHDRAWN] bd79c004-cecc-4d29-b8e3-4afd6763e445



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