Office 365 Tenant to Tenant document migration with Document ID ?

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When we enabled the document service in sharepoint online to get unique ID for document in entired sharepoint online tenant. If we move any document from one site collection to another within the same tanant the Document ID keep persist which is expected behaviour but how about the when we move or copy the same documents from one tenant to another office 365 tenant ? will it practically maintain the same Document ID or it would be changed ? if we could not able to maintain it then whats the alternative to do it so ?

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I would say the Document ID can be preserved if it's not in use, but best way to verify it is by doing a POC
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Document ID can be preserve as creating another custom column (DocumentID01) in another tenant's document library but can we overwrite or create Document ID in another tenant which is only read only mode and created by SharePoint from the backend automatically. any specific idea of this, would be appreciated.