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Several users from our SharePoint Online Tenant have reported today seeing an undefined text message in the O365 Suite Bar instead of the SharePoint text/link. This looks to be consistently happing in Microsoft Edge while with Google Chrome no text comes up.  Is any one else experiencing this odd behavior?


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We noticed also that the undefined text is showing up on the SharePoint Landing/Start Page.  When going to Delve we see the undefined text for a second or two and then changes to Delve.

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Not quite what you've got, but I'm seeing other nav bar weirdness in the last few weeks. For our users, Search moved top-center and I can't find any way to move it back to the left column navigation. The second issue is for guest users, they now see the annoying bright blue Office 365 bar. It's not part of any theme in the site or the org themes set in Admin. It's ugly as hell and clashes with all the themes we've set!



This seems to happen in our sites when you go from Modern to classic i.e viewing a task list that is not modern or going to all site settings.

@Alan Marshall thank you. This same behavior covers communication sites, modern team sites and classic team sites.  We are no in day two and had no choice but to open a case with Microsoft lets see what we find out.  I am wondering if this is due to the upcoming change with the search bar now moving to the Office 365 Suite bar.

best response confirmed by Sam Larson (Microsoft)

@Juan M Baena Thanks for posting about this issue. We are currently investigating and found this issue may affect any of your users that have the SharePoint Online app hidden from the waffle menu. 


Our investigation determined that an unexpected coding issue occurred after a planned weekly update to Microsoft 365. We're developing and testing a fix, which we expect to be ready for testing by tonight. Upon successful validation, we'll start deployment of the fix. SharePoint users should start to see relief within 24 hours of the fix being deployed.


Thank you, i just happen to see as well a summary of this issue in the tenant service health dashboard.

@Bjorn Foster, @all, is there an update to this? I still have the ugly blue bar for our guests.