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Please i need your help on this issue.


We purchased the license for Office 365 Extra File Storage back in Dec 2023 and the Product is not showing up in the list of Licenses for our tenant. 

Can someone tell me how we can use this license to increase storage on our SharePoint tenant?


Here is the link

Add more SharePoint storage to your subscription | Microsoft Learn


But we're still not seeing the product to use and increase storage capacity to the tenant. 


This was purchased via volume licensing, but the issue isn’t with the “Partner”. 


The licensing was purchased and invoiced correctly. Please how do we get rid of the “greyed out Add On” and then enabled for our user to utilize what was purchased well over a month ago.




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Did you find this SKU in Your products Category in Tenant billing section? If not, only an option to create MS case to check the sync

@MikeJohn1710 I would double-check if the Office 365 Extra File Storage license has been correctly assigned to your tenant in the Microsoft 365 admin center. If not, I would coordinate with your licensing partner or Microsoft support to ensure proper association.


Secondly, I would confirm the subscription's active status for this license within the admin center. In case it's suspended or disabled, I would reactivate it promptly. That said, I would allow some additional time if the purchase was recent, as new licenses may take up to 24-48 hours to propagate and become visible. However, if the reasonable wait period has elapsed and the license still doesn't appear, I would escalate the matter to Microsoft support for deeper investigation based on your tenant's configuration.


Meanwhile, I would check the "Billing" > "Licenses" section of the admin center. If listed there, I would assign the Extra File Storage license to users or the SharePoint Online application directly. Once properly assigned and activated, I would follow the steps from the Microsoft Learn article to increase your SharePoint tenant's storage capacity accordingly.


Furthermore, if any error messages or specific details arise during this process, I would promptly share them to streamline the resolution.