Office 365 E1 Vs Microsoft 365 Apps for Business

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Inside our Office 365 tenant , we have 2 types of licenses for our users (Office 365 E1 & Microsoft 365 Apps for Business), as follow:-




But we are not able to find any differences between the 2 licenses. so can anyone advice on the main differences? for example will both licenses give us SharePoint,OneDrive & Yammer?


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Microsoft 365 Apps for Business is the Office desktop suite, nothing else is included (well you do get some OneDrive storage with it). Office 365 E1 is a bundle, which includes Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and more. Plenty of information is available online if you want detailed comparison.

@Vasil MichevThanks for your reply... but the weird thing is that in our case users with Microsoft 365 Apps for Business are able to access SharePoint and Yammer sites... although all the documentation i read mentioned that Microsoft 365 Apps for Business does not include SharePoint... so how this is working in our case?

If you are already using these services within your tenant (as in have a SKU that included SPO or Yammer), this is "expected" - Microsoft does not enforce licensing requirements in code for many products.