O365 Group Restore > SPO Site has not been included and Restore-SPODeletedSite does not work

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we have done a restore of a O365 Group and this should include also the SharePoint Site. We wait for 72hours but the SPO Site is still in the recycle bin. It has been deleted on 25th January 2021 and 85 days remain for final deletion.


The O365 Group is available and also the Team nur still missing SPo Site.

Tried to restore it by PowerShell but get:

Restore-SPODeletedSite : A site collection with the same Site Id or Path already exists.


There is no other site collection with the same ID or Path


Any suggestions?


I have opened a request @Microsoft Support


But there is no other 

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Hi, we are also having the same problem. I have spoke to two MS Support Engineers with no resolution, so hoping to get this escalated further.

SPO site has recycled status, Restore-SPOdeletedsite comes back with error: A site collection with the same Site Id or Path already exists despite there being no other SPO site with same ID or Path.

We had been advised to try deleting the O365 group first and try restoring the Sharepoint Site 24 hours later, but unfortunately we recieved the same error.