Not comprehensible behavior -> Documents with the same information require different search queries

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Hi all,

We are currently facing an unsolvable (for us) problem with our SharePoint 2019 installation and its search, where even our service provider has to admit defeat.

We have a "parts folder" site with multiple document libraries (for each document type, e.g. technical information or drawing). Each document library can contain different file types, but usually they are PDF files. They are then accessed through a single search page with a customized tabular result template.

About the problem:
It does not always return the correct result with all the searched documents for certain searches. Searches have to be run in two variations to get two partial results, even though the information being searched for is completely identical.

The managed property "DTComment" which is mapped with the crawled property "ows_Comment1" is searched.


"DTComment" settings:

  • Searchable
  • Queryable
  • Retrievable
  • Allow multiple values (it was tried with and without)
  • Token Normalization
  • Finer Query Tokenization (it was tried with and without)

Target result:

  • 15 documents with "DTComment" = "New Ref. 4.68773", thereof 7x .msg, 7x .pdf, 1x .dwg

Actual result:

  • With search query {DTComment:4.68773}: 7x .msg, 6x .pdf, 1x .dwg
  • With search query {DTComment: "4.68773"} or {DTComment:68773}: 1x .pdf

Previous findings and attempts:

  • The single document is not the newest and not the oldest one
  • It is a technical information, of which there are some in both partial results
  • Comment removed -> Full Crawl -> Comment copied from other document -> Full Crawl: Did not help.

Can anyone explain this behavior to me? And maybe also has a solution for us.

If more information is needed, feel free to tell me. Since I rather slipped into the SharePoint topic, I still lack a lot knowledge.


Thank you in advance.

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