Not all functionalities work in this ShP portal (new button).

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In the Central Administration portal where new web applications have to be created, the “New” button is not active. Not all functionalities work in this ShP portal.


The ShP installation process has been done without any problems. It is worth noting that because of no Internet access all binaries have to be downloaded earlier, so we had to perform an offline installation. The ShP has been installed a few times with different version and configurations (ShP 2016/ShP 2019, NTLM/Kerberos on Windows Server 2016). Necessary features, prerequisites, ShP and ShP’s patches have been installed without any issues. The ShP configuration wizard has been completed and the ShP central administration panel is running. 


I installed ShP on different machine (other domain) using the same binaries and approach and everything works fine so the installation process is not an issue. It seems that some configurations on OS side has to be verified. My account of course is the farm admin and for the test reason (temporarily) added to administrator group on domain, local admin groups, IE started as an admin etc. Newest patches have been installed for ShP.


Does anyone know what/how should I investigate this issue? Please help!:)

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