Not able to share links with anyone.

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Hi guys.

Im having an issue where i cant make an anonymous sharing link to the site im building.
I want to select Anyone (alle) and make the link with view permissions.
But its grayed out:


Ive run through this post from microsoft:
Sharing options are grayed out when sharing from SharePoint Online or OneDrive - SharePoint | Micros...
Everything is as it should be...
I feel like ive tried everything.
What am i missing?

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It's because it's in Danish :xd: Jokes aside as a Swede.


So this is because the settings that your admin has set for you tenent, which means anonymous links are disabled.  This needs to be changed in SharePoint admin for the Site and probably the whole tenant!


Speak to your IT or The one who manages SharePoint

Hello neighbor @NicolasKheirallah 


Im quite sure its enabled.
As said before i've run through all the basics microsoft asks you to check.


but its still grayed out. 🤯


So that's the global settings but it can be set lower on a site! 

Look in admin under that site,  :






We have the same issue. 

Spent hours with a partner who help us set up O365 but no avail. 

Please post the solution here if you were able to fix it. All of our settings say that "anyone" access is possible, but when we try sharing the content its not available


Screenshot 2024-05-08 at 5.49.28 AM.png