not able to publish sharepoint list from infopath

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I am trying to publish site to info path but it giving me following error



I also enable browser enable from admin center check following screenshot


can you please provide solutions on this




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May I ask why are you trying to use InfoPath a product that is deprecated by Microsoft?

@Juan Carlos González Martín 


Because i want following 2 options
1.Multiple grid option
for e.g.

Invoice Billing register

Fields :  Place, organization , date , voucher no (single fileds)
Multiple fields : Item name , Qty,Rate, Amt

I need multiple grid option to enter item used in bill


2. I want category and subcategory hierarchy
if i selection country dropdown then its related state will come in next dropdown, again after selection of state its city will come in next dropdown & so no.

i want this 2 feature which are not available in sharepoint online so can you please suggest me how can i achieve this  



Vishal H.



@vishal_holam Power Apps with SharePoint as your data source is the way to do it these days.


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