Not able to open SPO List in Excel - Feature Disabled by administrator

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We were not able to use "Export to Excel" function of our SharePoint Online List. It is not working in any of the excel versions (Be it 2010/2016). Getting an error message "This feature has been disabled by administrator"


I followed multiple instructions (from different conversation in this forum) to validate whether settings are ok. All looks normal.


1) Checked Add-Ons in the Internet Explorer


2) Checked Site Collection configuration


3) Checked Site Collection Feature being activated


It looks like it fails in the last step as the following are happening

1) prompting to download .oqy file

2) Enable Content

3) then the error message pops up.

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Thanks. I came across similar post from Microsoft regarding the registry settings.


In Enterprise, users don't have access to the registry settings. Is there any tool/utility from Microsoft to fix it?