Not able to create Lookup Column to list on Parent site

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I know this was working previously, because I have an existing lookup column to a different list on the same parent site.  Now I am only able to see the lists that are on the subsite.  This is very frustrating because we (users) design things and hierarchy based on methods we "know" worked and then to find out that we cannot use the same method anymore means that all that time setting up the list in a particular site is wasted.  I don't have a solution now where to re-create that list so it's visible to the sub-site.  Please let me know if this was "broken" in error or what workarounds are available.  I intentionally have not migrated to hub sites because of this lack of cross-site visibility/access.  I am particularly disappointed because my boss has been suggesting we stop developing content in SharePoint and migrate to a different solution.


Thank you.

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