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We are running SP 2019 on premise. When I add an image webpart to a page and go to add an image, I should be given the option to search the web or use MS stock images, but I don't have these options. The only available options are:

  • Recent
  • Site
  • Upload
  • From a link

Any ideas? Are these functions that need to be activated admin side?

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My two cents here:
(1) Search on Bing was not included as part of the image picker in SP 2019
(2) Get images from the Stock images for sure is not available in SP 2019. This feature was released in SPO after the RTM of SP 2019

@Juan Carlos González Martín thanks for your response. So am I right in thinking the SP 2019 on premise does not receive the same updates that SP online does?


Thanks for your response.