No search results in big document library

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Hi all


I have a document library in which we uploaded an archive of some 50000 PDF documents.


When searching on a document name, we get no results. Reading the documentation, I understand that auto-indexing stops at 20000 items. So that would make sense. Thing is I cannot add an indexed column on document name, only on the column title, which is blank by default in a document library.


I could add a flow to the document library that copies the document name into another column upon item creation, and place an index on the other column. Would that be the best approach? I have the idea I'm missing something here.


Any advice is welcome!

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@Jille Floridor 
Do the original PDF files contain a title?  If so, using a tool that extracts the title from each PDF file and fills the title column.
Can you split the set of documents into smaller parts (e.g. by calendar year) and use folders?

Paul | SLIM Applications


Hi @administrator 


the PDF files do not contain a title, they only have a filename. I think I'll go ahead and create a flow for filling extra columns based on file name, but it seems strange that filename cannot be indexed in SharePoint.


Hi all


just an update on this. 

We created and ran a flow that fills the title colum and re-indexed the site, but alas, no search results.


What does work, is the ability to filter on the column values in the filter pane.