No progress bar when upload large file with document set content web part

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In document library, document set contents web part shows the files associated with the document set. 


When we upload a small file, like 2-3 MB, the document set contents web part shows progress bar so user knows the file is being uploaded and when it completes. 


However, when we upload a 200 MB file, nothing shows in the web part. No progress bar, nothing. The page just freezes up. User doesn't know if upload is happening or fails. If user navigates away, he has to start from scratch. 


Is there a modern experience or improved version of document set contents web part that works better with large files? Potentially 20 GB files. 

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Hi @Chamonix,

When uploading large files using the Document Set Contents web part in SharePoint, it's not uncommon to experience issues with the progress bar and responsiveness of the page. This can be particularly noticeable when uploading files in the range of 200 MB or larger.

I think there isn't an improved version of the Document Set Contents web part specifically designed to handle large files better (such as 20 GB files).

To resolve (or mitigate) these issues, you can conside alternative methods for uploading and managing large files in SharePoint. The are 2 options that I can recommend:

1. SharePoint Sync client: you can synchronize the document library with the local file system. This allows you to upload and manage files directly from your computer's file explorer, bypassing the limitations of the web interface.

2. Using the SharePoint Migration Tool: If you need to upload multiple large files or migrate existing files to SharePoint, you can l use the SharePoint Migration Tool. 
SharePoint-Migrationstool für SharePoint und OneDrive - Migrate to Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn


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Thanks for your advice. Points well taken but we can't do both.
Above the document set contents web part is a form for users to fill in meta data. They want the upload happen on the same page.

SharePoint Sync client is not reliable, our admin suggested us not to use that. Again this takes user away to a different area.
Migration tool, Sharegate, is used by developer only and has very limited license. Users don't want to ask developer every time they need.



Just found out progress bar is available now. I uploaded a 10 GB file, progress bar is visible, a spinning wheel indicates upload in progress. It took 16 minutes to complete. 


Much better user experience. Not sure if Microsoft did something recently?