No icons for custom document content types in SharePoint Online modern site

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according to the article: Create or customize a content type - SharePoint in Microsoft 365 | Microsoft Learn it seems that adding a custom document content type recognizes the type of document and displays the icon in the New item menu. In the screenshot, there are several Word documents and the icons are displayed:




In our case, we upload Word documents as DOCX and DOTX documents, none worked to display the icons:




What am I missing?


Thank you!

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If the site URL does not have spaces:

The content type application icons are displayed in the menu.


But if the site URL has spaces:

Then the icons are not displayed?!


Is it a bug?

@Ximo Yes, seems like a bug from Microsoft end.


Do you see any errors like file/image not found (for icons) in developer console of browser when you open document library?


Anyways, raise support ticket with Microsoft directly and report this bug: Get M365 support - online support 

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