No Edit Item option for a list in Modern SharePoint page,

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I noticed in a Modern SP page that list Items don't have the option Edit option.
The option is available in the list itself (and the permission are set currently), however when I add the list to a page, my only options are Share, Copy Link and Delete.

Is this Modern page limitation or am I doing something wrong?

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Can you add a screenshot? It's not clear to me what you mean
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Correct, that is all they open up on that web part. However, if you have the default "Title with edit link" column shown in the view you are using you can click the item title link to get to the form where you can make edits.

That works.

I'll to have a Workflow set a Rich text field as a hyperlink to an edit view, and use that instead of the title.


Wish it acted more like the regular list  view page and opened the side bar window for the edit, instead of opening a new tab. I'm sure there's a technical reason for why it was done that way, but it's a bit jarring when most other edits use the side. 

Got it to work by modifying the Title Column Formatting, with the JSON code below.

Add "EditForm.aspx?ID="   to open the item in edit mode.

I'm finding this lack of functionality really frustrating as well. My team would like to display multiple List WebParts on one page to track current Items on a number of lists. But we would like to edit the items in the same page and not have to go to another page to then click "Edit" to be able to update the items. 

If the List WebParts could have the same functionality as the Lists, that would make our lives so much easier!

@AlbertSP  Hi, I am also facing this same scenario Is there any way to resolve this?