News you might have missed - turn off search?

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We have just launched our intranet for our staff members on Sharepoint online.
Now we notice that Sharepoint automatically sends the following: 'news you might have missed'.
We don't want this because we have our own newsletter system next to it.

I read that it can be dropped off at the tenant level but that is not possible because we are in a large organization and they do want to use it in other places.

Is there any way around this? I read on the internet that we could turn off the 'search' on the library that our news items are in. 'Allow items from this document library to appear in search results'. Will this work? Will the news items then no longer appear in "news you might have missed email" for that site? It's hard to test it.

Of course, we would like our intranet to be searchable. My idea then is to put the news items on another sharepoint site and then pick them up from the intranet site. Or isn't that possible because the search is off?


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Hello @Kristien99 


you can deactivate the news digest emails on SharePoint for all users with PowerShell: 


Set-SPOTenant -EnableAutoNewsDigest $false


Here are some more instructions from @joaoferreira


Best, Dave

@David Mehr  thx for the reply but as is said, that is not an option :  we are in a large organization and they do want to use it in other places.

Hello @Kristien99


PowerShell is global, user setting are by user...i don't know a solution between, maybe another community contributor ;)


Best, Dave 

Is there a powershell to turn it off per user?