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In a Sharepoint Online Modern site,If I want to move particular news from one news web part(named, Recent News)to another news web part (named, Old news) after 7/10 days automatically, can I do that? If yes, please mention the steps to do so. Thanks to all.

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This is not possible directly in SharePoint online as there is no recent/old news web parts. News web part shows all the news based on the news web part settings/configurations.


However, you can filter the news you want to show in the web part based on either they are Recently added/changed, page properties, etc.


So, I would suggest you to look and these settings and check if this helps you.


Microsoft documentationUse the News web part on a SharePoint page 

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Thanks for reply. Yes using page property we can filter news but it will be just a filter.

Can you please say, if I will be having 2/3 news web parts with different names(Recent News, Old news,Important news(names given by me only)), Then how would I make new news to move under each category as mentioned based on a choice column while creating?