News Webpart not showing text/content when creating News Post from Custom Page Template

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I've created some page templates based off the out-of-the-box page templates and work perfectly - news posts using these templates are fine.


The issue is when viewing the news posts in the News Webpart. It will show the image, but won't display the text/body of the post when using a custom page template. It does when I'm using the out-of-the-box templates, but not when using my custom templates (Page saved as Template).


Any thoughts/help would be much appreciated.


See News Webpart below. Note that both news posts contain the same text in the body, but only one of them shows the text/body in the News Webpart. Also, there is a single Text webpart in each template.




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That text snippet comes from the Description box on the Page Details page (which is also used for the snippet in search results). It appears that when a page is created from a built-in template (or from no template), then SP fills in the Description with the first NN characters of the page's text. But if a custom template is used, then this does not happen, resulting in a blank Description, hence no News web part or search results text snippet.


I just ran into this with a site I'm building and creating a set of templates for, and was searching to see if this is a known behavior. It's not that hard to work around, now that I understand what's happening. But it sure is odd.