News Webpart not showing all posts from multiple sites

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I have several sites that have news post on them. Most only have 1 or 2 posts. I create a news webpart on yet another site and select the multiple sites. As I select the sites you can see the post being added to the webpart, but sometimes when I add a site the posts from a previous site disappear. When I finish selecting sites and publish the page not all the post are displayed.

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By default the web part will show the latest news from which ever sites you choose, so I would expect some of the 4 news items to disappear if you add more sites. You can pin news items to positions in the webpart to get around this. 

Hi @@Andrew Hodges and @REllsworth 

I think some kind of patch may have been deployed to tenants  on/around May 4 that may have affected the News web part.  I noticed an issue with some of our News web parts too.  The 'list' layout, presented in a single column was only displaying the news item thumbnail - the text area was completely blank.

I resolved the issue by changing the web part layout to 'side by side' , which when used in a single column gives the same look and feel to that of the list layout.

I haven't noticed any particular issues where news is coming from multiple sites (for example on a Hub site), but I haven't gone looking.   @REllsworth try a different layout in your News web part to see if that makes any difference.

Hi @Jenny Bruce and @Andrew Hodges 


Thanks for your replies. I found out issue. The users had added a similar post to several sites within a short period of time. A similar post from two different sites would not show in the same news webpart at the same time. I edit and republished the posts so they would both show in the same news webpart.