News web part not working correctly when using managed property filter

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I'm using the News web part on our company intranet which is filtered using a managed property:




From Monday this week, it's started playing up. There are 4 news posts with the managed property and each time you refresh the page, it displays a different number of news posts.

Initial page load:


Refresh page:


Refresh again:


This is happening on the latest versions of Chrome and Edge and on multiple devices.

Is anyone else having the same issue?



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Hi, we have exactly the same behavior, but two weeks ago it worked well !!!
I have an incident open with Microsoft and they've said a number of customers are having the issue.
It's got worse. Now the News web part won't display any news posts when News Source is set as All sites in the Hub. I've updated the Microsoft ticket.
I'm experiencing the same issue. I cannot filter News based on managed property. It does not return accurate results. This was working at one time and now its not. I have a site column in each site pages library called NewsType (choice column which includes: Featured News, General News and Announcement) and I created a page template for each different type of News (Featured News, General News and Announcement) with the NewsType preset to the correct type of news.) On our main site home page I have 3 News Web parts, one that is supposed to filter by NewsType = Featured News, the other NewsType=General News, and the other NewsType=Announcement. The filtered results are not correct. I know this worked at one time. We haven't gone live with our new intranet home page, but plan to soon and I need to get this working. Has anyone figured out how to use the Managed properties filter with the News Web part for all sites in the Hub?