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The News Web Part on our hub home page is suddenly NOT displaying news from the sites selected. Worked one day, not the next. If I "update" the news on the selected sites, they then show up. The next day, they are gone again. Any ideas as to what the h*** is going on?

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Well -- must have been Microsoft's idea of "April Fool's Day." I "edited" the news items on the other sites a couple of times, over a couple of days. Eventually, SP picked up on the idea. The News Web Part is now operating as expected. Huh.... head-scratcher. Will let it rest for now. Will be back if it happens again.
Having the same issue.....It only works if I choose "This site" but not "Other sites", and selecting the sites from the list that I want to display.
"Recommended for current users" works, so I will use that for now.
We are having the exact same issue and can confirm that the issue is with the "selected sites"-part of the web part.
Anyone who knows the issue? We have had the same issue for a shorter amount of time today?

Hi @JHS2020 


it's a known issue, MS is working on it... ;)


Regards, Dave

@William Smith yes we've had the same issue today and the news web part only works properly when selecting This Site as the source of the news articles rather than sites in the hub or selected sites.


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It's now fixed.


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We have this issue today, when choosing "All site in the Hub' together with a does not work. It does work if I change it to 'This Site' together with the filter. Anybody also has issues?
I am having this same issue today. Older posts from other sites are displaying, but not News items posted yesterday.

@YoZoeWe are also having this issue today. Our other sites' posts are not showing on our main feed.

Glad to know it's not just us. BTW, all sites show when I select "all sites in the hub". I moved the ones I didn't want down below the viewable posts as a temporary workaround.
This is happening to us also. We have a news web part that pulls from 4 sites, but it's only showing news posts from one of the sites, all the way back to January, no mention of any of the several news posts from the other 3 sites.

On the same page, we have another news tile that pulls from several other sites, and it seems to be working correctly.

Can't figure this one out!
We're having the same issue today. Site news postings are either not showing, or older ones are showing before newer posts.
I'm also seeing this issue today. Hopefully a fix will be rolled out soon.

@YoZoe Yup, same here, thought it may have bene due to feed site permissions, but nope. Seems to only display the last selected alphabetical, not based on most recent across all.

@bobbyblue , any luck researching your issue? I tried adding another news feed to no avail.

@404ryannotfound I had this issue yesterday, called Microsoft, they couldn't identify any interruptions, but it is now working for us this morning.