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Hi, does someone use News Web Part with links to news and pages published else inside SharePoint? We have problem when image preview stop working in News Web Part. If we go to page or news directly, there is an image. If we go to SharePoint Home, image is there. Only Web Part does not show them. Is something broken inside tenant, or now with the published web part from Microsoft?

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@Petr Vlk Is it the same issue regardless of which type of which setting you choose for the News Web Part? Some times i have experienced the same issue but that it can be solved by choosing another "Display option".


as Magnus has said - check the display option on the web part.

Also check the 'use compact view' setting if the 'List' display option is selected.

Finally, see if the News web part is in a 'one third' column - try moving it to a single column section, or a 'two thirds' column section.

@Rob Ellis Hi, thanks for suggestions. Will forward to our SharePoint guys. It worked before and stops now, just interesting, that if we setup new News list, the URL links are different.,8a029c7e-...


These are not working. Which works does not have "SharePoint://" parts again in URL.

@Petr Vlk Hi, we also noticed images from some sub sites not showing in the root site news web part. 

It seems to have started at the time we setup an Organizational Asset Library once it became available in our tenant.

Images show fine in the news web part on the sub sites themselves, so would seem to suggest the news web part has an issue.

This article is also related.

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We use the news web part on our homepage so the issue is really noticeable.

Sometimes the images will show if change the web part layout to use small images or resize the page really small, but this doesn't always work.

I haven't found a workaround yet.