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I tried to raise this question in the communication sites group, but it kept on reporting that I dont have sufficient priveleges, so I'm having to post it here.


Has anyone seen the modern news web part show an image and link to a page that no longer exist? I've tried to reset the indexing on the pages library from where the page was deleted and remove the web part, but the deleted page can still be seen and clicked on in the following scenario:


1. Master hub site - communication site template

2. 3 other communication sites, connected to the master hub site.

3. News web part configured to bring back only news items from the 3 communication sites created in step 2.


 In this configuration of the news web part, the delete page in one of the 3 connected communication sites can still be seen. Changing the configuration to show all news items from connected hub sites results in the deleted news page no longer being visible in the news web part.


 The deleted page is completely remove from the connected hub site, even from the secondary recycle bin. Resetting the search index on the connected hub site makes no difference.


 Has anyone seen anything like this before?




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All I can say that I have the exact same problem.

@Mike_Fortgens I am seeing this too and it seems like a bug. But, though a bit radical, here's a possible solution: News Post Stuck in Hub Site’s News Web Part Even After Deletion | Marc D Anderson's Blog (sympmarc.c...

@Mike_Fortgens I always tell our staff NOT to delete a news story from associated sites in our hub because it doesn't delete it from the top-level hub news web part. Instead if they wish to remove a news story, just demote it from Promoted State 2 to Promoted State 0. That removes it but retains the story as an ordinary page for record purposes.


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