News "See all" is showing placeholders and not news - root site

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We use the news feature in our root SharePoint site to post internal updates and then share a weekly digest email. For the past three weeks, when you click "see all" it shows the original placeholders for the news instead of the latest news articles. This makes it impossible to send an email news digest because there isn't any news to select.  


Any ideas? Creating this email from scratch every week is a huge pain.


This happened intermittently earlier this year but corrected itself quickly. 

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ok so after three weeks of struggling to figure this out and dreading the thought of sifting through the settings... I figured this out 3 minutes after posting this. If you are having trouble with this, here's what I did:
1. Edit page
2. Edit news web part
3. in the web part settings, instead of "This site," select "Selected sites" and then just select the site you are on (seems like the same thing, but it fixed my issue!)