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I have a facility hub site that is a communication site. We have quite a number of permanent pages within the site that are related to various aspects of the facility and the business. We also are using a news web part on the main page. Is there a way to make the news web part automatically save any new created news posts (pages) to a separate folder than the site pages one? It is hard to maintain the library of pages when they are all mixed together. I'd like to be able to go to just a separate folder and easily look at the current news posts (pages) and delete without having to maneuver around the permanent pages that are part of the regular site. 

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@kglashagel you can't add news posts to a separate folder but you can easily create a view of the SitePages library called News where the PromotedState = 2 (i.e. published news post). Then just select the News view when you need to.


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Hi Rob,  How do you get PromotedState?  I can't see it listed in the Filter section?  Cheers

@JohnJDB  select column settings -> show/hide columns then select the Promoted State column and click Apply, after which you can filter by the Promoted State value:



Hi @Rob_Elliott 


I've done that


but whilst I can see the Promoted state in the filter view, I can't add it when editing the view and adding it to the filter as the field doesnt show.






I followed this work around. I guess using a calculated field is ok, unless there are 1000s of pages... :) Thanks for your tip!

@JohnJDB You will need to create the view from the "modern" experience in the Site Pages library. Open the Site Pages library view that shows Promoted State. Use the column to filter on Promoted State = 2 (and 1, which is are unpublished news posts). Then select Save As and call the view News.

I thought I did that but I cant see the Promoted State, so had to use a workaround by creating a calulated field as shown in the youtube video.

How could I check that I've creating the view from the "modern" experience in the site pages library?

I do note that when I look at the view it says "This view uses classic filters that you can view and edit here". I just clicked on the top right view menu and selected "Create new view".


By the way its a modern Communication site, so be default shouldnt everything be set to use the modern experience?
Actually, you used the classic experience to edit the view by selecting Edit current view. You don't have to do that. Open Site Pages. Select the view that has Promoted State showing. Use the column in the view to filter for Promoted State = 2. Then, select Save As and give the view a new name. You do not have to click Edit the current view to create a view for this purpose. Note that you will need to be sure that you have some News pages created so that the filter will work.

@Susan Hanley 


Thanks for the explanation Susan. Ive done that and it works well.  For self education I edited the view afterwards and saw this. 

Image 1165.png

Am I right in assuming thats the filter that I did by setting it in the column but SP cant actually show the Column value in the filter?





I am not sure what you are asking. The value of the filter is shown in the view of you choose to display Promoted State.
Im just noting that adding the filter using the column means that when use "Edit Current View", SharePoint can't show that the view is being filtered by the "Promoted State" column and instead is just shows the column name as "none", whilst still putting in the constraint "is equal to 2.00".

No answer needed thanks. BTW I'm currently reading an article of yours about hubs. Nice article. Cheers.