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I have a facility hub site that is a communication site. We have quite a number of permanent pages within the site that are related to various aspects of the facility and the business. We also are using a news web part on the main page. Is there a way to make the news web part automatically save any new created news posts (pages) to a separate folder than the site pages one? It is hard to maintain the library of pages when they are all mixed together. I'd like to be able to go to just a separate folder and easily look at the current news posts (pages) and delete without having to maneuver around the permanent pages that are part of the regular site. 

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@kglashagel you can't add news posts to a separate folder but you can easily create a view of the SitePages library called News where the PromotedState = 2 (i.e. published news post). Then just select the News view when you need to.


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