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On our intranet's home page, when clicking on the "New" menu item, there is only "Page"and "copy of this page".  There should also be options to create a new news post or news link (among others).   If I edit the page, then discard changes, all the options are there, but if I then refresh the page, it's back to just page and copy of page.

What controls what is available on the "New" menu?  I compared this with a test site's homepage but I can't determine what is different about them.



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@Steve Wright if you have a news web part on your intranet homepage then clicking on the dropdown next to Add will give you the News post and News link.


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Hi Rob. Agreed. I just cannot understand why it disappeared from the "New" menu. I have users who have been asking me about it. I guess it's something they were used to. Strange that it's gone and strange that it returns when I edit the page, then discard changes, but if I refresh, it's gone again.
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How did you create the site? This same thing happened to me when I used ShareGate to copy a site. There was a bug in ShareGate that failed to indicate that the site was a "home page." The bug was subsequently fixed but we found a work-around for the impacted sites. Here's how we fixed the issue: We temporarily made a different page the home page (from Site Pages, using Make home page). Then we re-set the original home page as the home page and all the options returned. Hope that helps!

Hi @Susan Hanley,
Yes, the site was originally migrated (two years ago) using ShareGate. I can't remember if this page was the original home.aspx or if I created a new one. What's strange is that when we first switched to this page, the menu items were there but then they disappeared at some point.  I used PnP PowerShell to quickly switch it to a new home page and back... and they're back!  (I did try just using PnP-SetHomepage to reset it, but it didn't help.  For some reason it had to be switched to another page and back.)

Set-PnPHomePage -RootFolderRelativeUrl sitepages/TempPage.aspx
Set-PnPHomePage -RootFolderRelativeUrl SitePages/Home.aspx

Thanks for your suggestion!