News not visible for users on hub site (modern Sharepoint)

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I realize there have been posts about this earlier, but I didn't find a solution from them, so I hope it's okay to post again. 


I have just created our intranet in Sharepoint (O365). It has not been shared with our company yet. I have used a communication page as a hub site. On that site I have a web part for News. Following happened


  • I had posted few news topics to the web part.
  • After that I gave editing permission to a colleague to the same site (hub site).
  • She didn't see any content - just an empty web part.
  • When she posted a news item, we could both see it.

We are launching the intranet in 1 week for everyone and I would like to be sure that everyone can see the news items. Is there anything I should check / do in order to make sure that it works?


Since I have learned everything by doing (and googling), I have e.g. not done anything to the root site and I understand that I cannot change that anymore, since my Home site is already a hub site. This just as a background info. Also, I was not able to activate SharePoint Server Publishing. I received an error.


I would be very thankful for any help. Thank you.

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@EddaSofia I might be wrong but I want to make sure have you clicked Post news after you created the news. 



Once you click Post News the status should say some thing like below




To ensure the first version of the page is published and visible to others when you go the page library(YoursiteURL/SitePages/Forms/ByAuthor.aspx) you should not see the red arrow icon which says page is yet to be published/checked out.



Hopefully this helps.






@Vikram_Samal thank you very much for replying. I have created the news by "Add" -> "News link", so the view is a bit different than in your pictures. 



After adding the link, I have chosen "Post" in the right column:




Also, I double-ckecked and there were no red arrows next to the news posts in the view that you mentioned.


So, still help needed.




@EddaSofia To show you the difference between News Post and News Link let me share some details and ignore the content which you are already aware. News Link automatically retrieves all the content, images, and descriptions associated with a URL when you add it to the web part. Using this feature, you can change the cover photo or edit content on your SharePoint site to make the link more appealing to your target audience. So it actually do not create a page for you if you see the image below I have created a new link highlighted in red and news post highlighted in green. So unless you want to re-post some existing content try creating News Post and publish them it should be visible.


Hopefully this helps.





@Vikram_Samal Thank you. We want it to be as quick as possible, which is why we would use News link instead of News post.


The strange thing is still that the news links that I have posted before are not visible to users that have received their reading/editing access after the news link was posted.