News not visible for users at hub site

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I am experiencing some very strange behavior from our new hub site. 


In the news webpart, it is set to roll-up news from all associated sites and the hub itself. For me, it works like a charm. For everybody else, it is not working. They see no news at all. 


They have the same permissions as I have. They can find the news via the search box and they can access them, via Site Content.


I have re-indexed the librarys, removed the webpart, changed permissions, but nothing works. 


I am open to all the help I can get :) 




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Hi Daniel!

Is it just the content of the webpart they dont see or do the not even see the webpart?

They see the webpart, but no news.

OK. Then we can exclude the possibility of that the page was not checked in after adding the webpart :)

Have you verified that they have the same access as you to the other sites and not only the same access as you to the hub site?

All the permissions are the same. It is not showing the news created on the hub site either.

Thank you Magnus, but it did not work.


I have granted reading permissions for everyone on the root site and tried a complete reindexing of the hub site. Still no luck.


They are able to see the news, when visiting the following page (it is in danish):



The english version is, I think:



Hmm, it has started working over night. It might be the re-indexing or the permissions on the root site.


Anyway, thank you for the help :)