News item carousel name picks up .aspx page name instead of news item title

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We're using SharePoint to build an intranet for our agency. We have set up the news web part on all of our communication and private group pages. The SharePoint site is a hub site, with multiple connected hubs. We've set it up to allow news from the home site to "cascade" down through all of the other sites in all the hubs. The news items on the home site pick up the title I've created for each of the items. However, on all the other sites (communication or private group, doesn't seem to matter which), the title appearing on the carousel image is the page URL, not the page title. For example "news-item.aspx" instead of "News Item". Any thoughts on what we're doing wrong?

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Hello Jeff@Jeff_Rosenplot  i trust you are doing well.


Were you able to resolve this, i am now faced with this same issue.

the .aspx appears on everything please help share how you solved this

@Jeff_Rosenplot did you ever find a solution to this?  I am facing the same issue and cannot find a fix.  Thanks!

Hello @AlissaBoyajian 


so basically you need to change the order of the crawled properties.

So check your crawled properties allow that property come first


I only changed the Basic:displaytitle property and placed this at the top. Then did a re-index of the sites and it was solved.

Managed property title is set like this now:



That's what worked for me.






@Cissong Thank you so much for replying! 


Did you do this at the root site or all site collections?  And did you have to re-index every site separately?

In your screenshot, what managed property did you click into to change the order, Title? 

Hello @AlissaBoyajian 


I don't know how you mean but I did this from search on the admin center its self where the property had been mapped to a refinablestring


I just moved the Property Basic:Displaytitle up the list.


And re-index the affected site


We were looking for a news type carousel.  Is there an out-of-the-box one that is compatible with "New/Modern Experience" in SharePoint?

Thank you! This worked like a charm...I'd been searching for a fix for some time.
Hello @pharphel, I'm glad this worked for you. Please do well to like the answer and mark it as best response. Thank you