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Hi everybody !

I am not understant why I can send to 3-4 people. But when I select "sharepoint group" like members, nobody receive my newsletter.

SharePoint don't give me a error message. After to clicck on button "send", the newsletters is saved in the library pages.

Where do you comme from this problem?

Have a good day,

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@Maria FELGUEIRASWe discovered it sends the news digest to the group inbox, not the individual group members. So if you put "ABC Group Members" in the 'to' field, it will send the news digest to that inbox. You can go to your group in Outlook and update the settings so all the members receive the group emails in their personal inboxes.



@Kate Bowling Thanks !


The best is to use "Groups" so I connect my Shaprepoint to Office 365 group.

I can't seem to send the digest to Dynamic AAD groups. They don't show up as an option.