News Creater in complex Hubsite

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using a complex Hubsite construct, each Department has own Sitecollection as Sub of the Hubsite.
On each department there are a view news creater designated. 
Per default when i add the necessary persmission to create news these group are able to do a lot more than just creating news.
Is there a option to prevent this and just allow creating news?

When i brake the interheritance of the sitepage library and add the group there they able to add "other" sites as well. I am not able to create a dedicated Sitepage library just for news.


Please advice, workarounds are welcome as well.

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I can think of two options to get more control over news posts: You will need to implement each option on each site in your hub family.

Option 1. Add an approval workflow for all pages and then automatically approving “regular” pages but requiring news pages to be approved prior to publishing. You can do this with a condition on the workflow based on the Promoted State attribute of the page. Promoted State =0 are regular pages. All other pages are draft news articles (Promoted State =1) or published news (Promoted State=2). It is not quite the same as only giving permissions to write news pages, but it ensures that there is a review by designated approvers prior to publishing.

Option 2. Create a separate site for publishing news pages and use that as the source for the news web part on your main site. Only designated users can create news on the main site but on the News site, you can open up edit permissions. In this scenario, users would need to follow the News site and the main site to have news show in their personal feeds, but it would allow you to isolate the permissions for news authoring very easily.