News articles are not displaying in Chorological order under "See All"

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For our Retail HUB site, the news articles are not displaying in chronological order in "See All" and  /retail/_layouts/15/news.aspx page.

It is missing pages posted from today until September 6 and some past news articles.


Troubleshooting steps I did:

1. All news pages are published with Promoted 2.

2. No issues showing these pages on the News Webpart.

3. Reset the Library search.


I reached out to support and no help, as they mentioned it is a know issue but this works fine in another site collection, which is not a HUB.  


-Can being a HUB site be a issue? I tried to make it a non hub site but did not see any difference.

- See the file naming convention(attached image), could that be a problem?


Any help is appreciated.







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