New web parts in SPO


Am trying to use new framework and web parts to create a modern responsive experience for our end user community but am coming up against a couple of things that I'm not sure if are bugs, expected behaviour or on a backlog. So would be grateful for any insight !


News Pages -

We have news pages being created in a subsite and these end up in the subsite site pages area (as I'd expect). Selecting 'Show All' shows the list of news pages within the subsite. However if you select 'Manage Posts' you are taken to the Site Pages area for the main site collection... which I don't believe is correct.


In a similar vein can we have some metadata in the Site Pages view that displays the page type so users can clearly differentiate between news and other pages ? This will simplify curation of content and removing stale news content. 


Highlighted Content -


I am trying to display a list of Tasks assigned to logged on user . You can make the source 'Tasks' and the managed property filter allows selection of 'AssignedTo' but there appeas to be no way of specifying the user (I have read on some blogs [ME] will work but this appears not to be the case). Anyone any ideas ? This is possible in the old content search web parts world with 'User.Name'.

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You're correct, we don't yet support tokens (me,today) in highlighted content...but we're actively working on enabling that right now.

Thanks for reporting this Nicholas. As you expected, "Manage posts" should take you to the subsite pages library. I opened a bug on our dev team and will update you when this is fixed.


Regarding metadata, we have that on the backlog, but it's not currently in active development. It's always good to hear customer requests coming in to help us prioritize, so thank for asking.

This topic is related to my question here, posted today:

Any chance the feature is coming soon?

Hi Maggan,


I'm not quite sure how the thread you linked to is related. Could you please provide more details?

Hi Alina!

I was referring to Nicholas post on Highlighted content. I have the same issue, and was wondering if the tokens [Me], [Today] etc. are implemented as of yet?
I replied in the thread you linked above, but I'll copy it here as well.

We don't yet support tokens (E.g. = [me]) in Highlighted content.

We do have this in our backlog, but have been focusing on other features more recently. I'll let you know when we have that support added.
This blog post describes in detail how to use tokens in the Highlighted content web part: How is it possible that this works for the writer if the functionality isn't supported today? Is there some preview out there that some customers/developers have access to? I use a first release tenant for testing the new features.