New SharePoint site created not inherit external sharing from tenant level

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Dear All,


Recently I found that when we create a new spo site for teams, the sharing capability always showing as ExternalUserSharingOnly. I look found an article mentioning for teams group connected sites the default site sharing settings will be ExternalUserSharingOnly 



I try setting tenant level to ExternalUserAndGuestSharing; it will not apply. we have to manually update all teams site using powershell or manually. 


Is there any way when creating teams site, it will always inherit SPOtenant setting instead of default one. 

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I checked with below settings and not able to reproduce this issue:






I tried to create site from both the place i.e. from SharePoint Admin Center and also creating new Teams from MS Teams (which will anyway created site connected with group).


Can you confirm that you have same settings as I mentioned in above screen shot?


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Thank you for testing. 

I logged a case with Microsoft support and they confirm the teams site always follow the default setting. 

We need to manually change the sharing setting to anyone