New SharePoint List Forms can't embed outside SharePoint

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Hi all, SharePoint lists have a new "Forms" tool. These create a form in the style of Microsoft Forms for users to submit new entries to the SharePoint List. This is great: Microsoft Forms provide a much nicer submission experience than the form with the old "new" button, and this removes the need to maintain a Power Automate flow to move form responses to a list. You'll find it via the "Forms" button at the top of any list in Microsoft Lists.


However I've noticed one critical difference from "vanilla" Microsoft Forms. I'm able to embed a vanilla Microsoft Form on any webpage, on any domain. I tested on, something like this:



<iframe width="640px" height="480px" src="{{FORM_ID}}&embed=true" </iframe>



But these new forms "powered by Microsoft Lists" don't let me embed on other sites. I can embed the form on a page on the same SharePoint site, but not on external domains.



<iframe width="640px" height="480px" src="https://{{DOMAIN}}{{SHAREPOINT_SITE}}/{{FORM_ID}}&embed=true" </iframe>



I get a crossed out, red circle with "{{DOMAIN}} refused to connect" under it when I test on or elsewhere.


Is this intentional? Is there any work around? I lose a lot of value if I can't embed this form in other domains, but also would hate to make a vanilla Microsoft Form and have to manage a Power Automate flow to ensure items are added to the list. 


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@B_Isaac1555 yes it's intentional; the new List form is not the same as Forms and is totally tied in to the SharePoint list, so embedding it on another domain won't work because users won't have permissions. I believe this is even if you have enabled external sharing. Microsoft Forms however is designed for this external access.


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