New Sharepoint List form width issue

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Hi, I have a Sharepoint list and I have customized the Sharepoint list form header and body with Json code. Recently due to change the Microsoft sharepoint forms it’s showing a small form in the middle without being connected to the page. Any way to go back to large form with width ? Any solution will be highly appreciated. 

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Any update on this one?

Our SharePoint forms lost headers and the layout is toast, The EditForm is tiny in middle of the screen.
I have raised a ticket on this issue to Microsoft Support a few months ago and it looks like this is just the new look for Microsoft Lists. The new UI has lots of issues, the previous version was much better. Couple of tips to get most out of this new tiny screen size..

Turn off comments on the lists if you don't use them, this will stop "comments" bar loading on every edit.
Use JSON code to format 2 Column structure, my code used to do a 3 column structure but since the new UI it now only does 2 columns and users have to do a lot more scrolling....