New Search Bar - Missing across SharePoint Online


I would appreciate your help in resolving the below issue.


I notice Office 365 rolled out a new feature of displaying the search bar in top ribbon (especially across SharePoint Online environment). I don't see this in my organizational profile, but when I subscribed for Office 365 personally its displaying.


(please refer below image)


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Hi, are you referring to this search bar please?


Screenshot 2020-05-28 at 07.51.41.png

Pretty certain this is not a new feature.  Regardless of that however, are you saying that you cannot see this option  to "Search this site" within your SharePoint Online environment?

@PeterRisingI see search bar across the sites. But, I just need to change the position of it. Please see below image.





Oh yes, I see what you mean now.  Hmm, not sure about that.  I'll see what I can find out.

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